Saturday, February 24, 2007


An addition to my last entry.

People who say tat: It's not a "tat" it's a fucking "tattoo". The word stems from the Samoan word "tatau", the syllable "ta" meaning "hand" and "u" means "color". As one can obviously fucking see, "tat" means absolutely fucking nothing. Now go back to your... I'm sorry, what do you do for a living, tat-person? Oh that's right. FUCKING NOTHING. Because if you feel the need to call it a "tat", then it's probably not stylish, something related to your ancestral culture, a private symbol of your affection for your significant other, or any other of the good reasons to get a tattoo. No, you got it because you "think" (that is, if you are, in fact, capable of true thought) it will make you "cool". But no, all it fucking does is prevent you from getting any kind of worthwhile employment. Because you look like a jackass. Is your "tat" worth it now?

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Dr. Science said...

Did you never hear of abbreviating words? Or do you use the entire word for everything, no matter how long the word is, or how much simpler the shortened version is?