Friday, December 16, 2005

Pickup Lines for Geek Parties

"I'll be your variables if you'll be my function. Come on, baby, plug me into you."

"We can warp to my place, but I'll only use thrusters in bed."

"I have the law of general relativity tatooed somewhere on my body. Try to guess where."

"That sweatervest looks good on you, but I bet it'll look even better on my Unix server."

"Have you met my friend Albert? He can hack a lady's bra that has 1024-bit encryption!"

"Tell me... Do black mages turn you on?"

"Hi there, I'm a math major. Don't let that weird you, though, 'cause I can calculate on a whim exactly where you want to be felt."

"I've never met someone who looks better offline than online."

"Is that a pocket protector or are you just happy to see me?"

"Your eyes glisten with a thousand hours of Everquest..."

"They call me Cloud, and this is my unusually large sword."

"My period of revolution may be low, but my amplitude is astronomical."

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