Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I shall name my daughter Insaniti. And my son Bauss. And together, they shall be known as The Offspring of a Sexist Father.

My rant for this evening will be sexism. No, not the classical patriarchial type, but the modern sexism that guys have to deal with. Misandry. Don't get me wrong, I personally believe that women are the better sex. I dislike men. I dislike being a man (again, don't get me wrong, my sexual preference is women regardless of my own gender). However, I don't believe that women have the right to excercise any form of superiority. As a Newfoundlander, I know that the average Newfie can't hold a stick to the intelligence of... Well, a stick. But if anybody not from Newfoundland said that, then my fist would be the first (of many) being placed between their ears. Likewise, as a man, I'm allowed to say that men are sick, disgusting, and ugly.

And so, all you XX's out there, I give you a piece of advice: if a guy treats you like gold, even if he has every reason not to, do your best to keep him feeling like shit. More than likely, he doesn't mind going with you to do stuff you like, like shopping. But he doesn't understand how you can spend 3 hours every 4 days looking through underwear, when the only person who's ever going to see it is going to want to rip it off of you. And if the guy you take shopping is not the one who gets to take your clothes off, make sure he knows that he's a friend being taken along shopping and not a boyfriend to carry stuff. As far as the mall goes, male friends stand with you, boyfriends stand behind you. Don't get the two confused.

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arialpunkslair said...

Ok. Where do I begin here?. I don't hate men, and I very much appreciate what they do for women. The majority of women who are bashing men probably have reason to. I didn't, don't and never will think I as a woman, am more superior then a man. Don't get me wrong, I don't think men are superior to women either. But with History in mind, thats the way things fell. That's all changed now, thank god. The quest for equality is going good. Things are still a little difficult in the workplace however. Just look at Mechanics, and Carpenters for example. It seems to be that in other parts of the world things are evening out, but here in Good Ol' Newfoundland and Labrador it still looks like a sin. If you ever catch the news and they talk about Voiseys Bay for instance, all the men in the room gasp when they see a woman on an Escavator. And i'm sure a lot of women out there gasp as well when they see a man doing the dishes. It sickens me. I've talked enough about this now, but I will tell you this, I have an entry in my blog on my space..its called " What am I supposed to do huh? " and theres a list of 20 things i've learned about guys. That'll show you just how much, I , Personally appreciate men. So no, Misandry isn't a part of my life.